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Curriculum Vitae

Medicare Fraud and Abuse

  • Medicare Part A provider reimbursements, hospital cost reports, Provider Reimbursement Board hearings (PRB) due process, related parties by ownership, organization or control, fiscal intermediaries, Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIA) requests; and
  • Medicare Part B Supplier Reimbursements, Part B Billings, DMERC’s, Types and Methods of Billing Frauds and Abuse.
  • GAO Yellow Book Auditing Standards

White Collar Crime and Fraud

  • Cooking the Books;
  • Cash Skimming;
  • Asset Misappropriation;
  • Medicare Billing Fraud;
  • Bank Embezzlement;
  • Predatory Lending
  • Predatory Mortgage Profilin

Partnership Accounting

  • Financial Reconstruction;
  • Shell Company Schemes;
  • Cash Embezzlement; and
  • Low Income HUD Housing.

Asset Accounting

  • Inventory and Equipment;
  • Cash and Investments; and
  • Profit and Loss.


  • Check Kiting;
  • Forgery; and
  • Cash Skimming.
  • Employee Bank Embezzlement & Alteration of Documents
  • False General Ledger Entries

Domestic Relations

  • Income/Losses; and
  • Marital Estate Value.

Oil & Gas Royalty/Mineral Payment Recovery:

  • Lease Bonus Income;
  • Royalty Income;
  • Royalty Decimal Interests;
  • Ownership Records;
  • County Records; and
  • Mineral and Royalty Deed.

Governmental Auditing:

  • State Agency Auditing;
  • Federal Agency Auditing;
  • Record Requests; and
  • Security Trade Audits.

Discrimination Based on Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Retaliation, Age, Equal Pay and Disability.

Real Estate Notes, Mortgages, Payment History and Income Analysis and Auditing

Wrongful Foreclosures