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Attention Lawyers & General Public

If you are associated with Banks, Businesses, Schools, Government, or are a Home Owner in need of a Certified Fraud Examiner and/or Expert Witness to Investigate, Verify and Report on issues such as:


*       False accusations of theft

*       Partnership accounting fraud

*       Wrongful foreclose

*       False accusations of Medicare fraud

*       Employee embezzlement

*       Estate and trust fraud

*       Bankruptcy fraud

*       Accountability


My name is Eva Jo Sparks. I have been engaged as a Certified Fraud Examiner Expert Witness since 1999.

The fact is that I am not well liked by many bad actors. Why?

It’s because I substantiate and prove up truth in forensic reports and expert testimony.

In addition, I am a Certified Fraud Specialist and consultant to the FBI for special projects.

To learn more about my specific experiences, credentials and how I may be able to strengthen your cause, please visit my website


“Eva Jo Sparks is a person with impeccable integrity and a wonderful tool for the clients, and an absolute nightmare for those who try to challenge her work.”  

—Gary B, J.D. Doctorate in Law. Researcher, Writer & Former Judge


“Eva Jo’s expert knowledge of fraud and accounting and her “pit bull attitude” to get the facts right and accurate are unsurpassed. She is extremely responsive and the legal team she assembled was exactly what my family needed to prevail.”  

—Smiths, Edmond OK

“We are impressed with Eva Jo's narrative statement, exhibits and how descriptive and explanatory they are.  She definitely knows how to examine and break down the information provided and put it in a usable, and easy to read format.”

—David G. Business Owner


Eva Jo Sparks

Office: 918-455-3361

Cell: 405-613-8068






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